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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Change Management Checklists: Organization Design

Back when I was part of the Human Performance team at Accenture, getting an Org. Design role was the holy grail of Change Management projects.  This was largely because they were rare.  And they were rare because many companies simply don't want to tackle this messy topic while going through an already difficult change.  I would argue, however, that Org. Design is part of ensuring that the change sticks.

Instead of detailing here a checklist of top 10 Org. Design activities, for the last Pillar of Change I'm going to list instead 10 questions you should ask yourself about Org. Design when your company is undergoing a change.

Top Ten Organization Design Questions

  • Do I have the right number of people to perform the work after the change is implemented?
  • Do my people have the right skills to work in the new world?
  • If not, can I upskill them?
  • If they can't be upskilled, can I move them into a different role in the organization, or do they need to be moved out of the organization?
  • Do the current job descriptions need to be revised based on new job and role responsibilities?
  • Do we need to do a remuneration review to ensure compensation is still appropriate for new responsibilities?
  • Does the overall organization structure still make sense?
  • Do the new and/or existing teams need to change the way they interact?
  • Does the reporting structure support the change?
  • Have you reviewed the positions you are currently hiring for to ensure they are still required/appropriate in the new world?

Let me know: Does your organization address Org. Design as part of Change Management?


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