Ask 100 people to define Change Management, and you'll get 100 different definitions. At the end of the day, the definition is just semantics. What really matters is whether you can implement a Change Management program in a practical way that allows you to support your organization in successfully achieving its goals. Whether you're a Change Manager, a consultant, or the tech. guy who was told to "figure out some Change Management stuff," this blog will help address common issues and topics you're likely to run into along the way.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Change Management Checklists: Training

Training is a huge topic.  It encompasses training analysis, training development, training delivery, training evaluation, and infinite variations on those topics.  Narrowing this down to 10 major activities is difficult, but I think I'm up to the challenge.

Training Activities
  • Collaborate with the corporate Learning & Development department (if your organization has one)
  • If you think something is self explanatory and doesn't require training, think again.  Never assume that people will be able to "figure it out."
  • Conduct a training needs analysis
  • Remember that training comes in many shapes and forms.  The best approach to training is often blended learning.  Learn it, love it, use it.
  • Create a training curriculum
  • Training development takes a lot of time.  A LOT.  In the words of scuba divers everywhere, "Plan the dive.  Dive the plan."
  • Develop the training
  • Deliver the training
  • Create a sustainable training plan that will allow you to deliver training on an ongoing basis to people who may have missed the initial training (e.g., people on vacation or maternity leave, new hires) or who need an occasional reminder
  • Evaluate the training...and improve it, as appropriate
Let me know: What are the main activities you consider when planning a training program?