Ask 100 people to define Change Management, and you'll get 100 different definitions. At the end of the day, the definition is just semantics. What really matters is whether you can implement a Change Management program in a practical way that allows you to support your organization in successfully achieving its goals. Whether you're a Change Manager, a consultant, or the tech. guy who was told to "figure out some Change Management stuff," this blog will help address common issues and topics you're likely to run into along the way.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Change Management Checklists: Communication

You could write an entire blog dedicated to communication (in fact, I believe there may be one or two out there).  I'm going to try to condense all of that information into my top 10 communication activities. Read on...

Communication Activities
  • Collaborate with the Corporate Communications department (if your organization has one)
  • Conduct a vehicle analysis
  • Conduct an audience analysis
  • Determine the review process for various types of communications and vehicles
  • Create a detailed communication plan
  • Write communications - keep them short, simple, and relevant
  • Spell check, grammar check, and have someone else do a second review
  • Develop and monitor feedback channels - remember...communication is a two-way activity!
  • Update your communication plan based on feedback you receive
  • When you think you've communicated enough, communicate more
Let me know: What is the most effective communication you have ever received at work?

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Change Management Checklists: Stakeholder Management

I'll get right to it.

Stakeholder Management Activities
  • Conduct a Stakeholder Analysis
  • Develop a checklist of behaviors stakeholders should demonstrate by the end of each project phase
  • Identify how far along the change curve you want each stakeholder group to be at specific points throughout the project
  • Create a Stakeholder Management plan
  • Conduct a Change Impact Assessment
  • Create a plan to involve stakeholders in the project
  • Remember that project team members are stakeholders, too
  • Prepare to help stakeholders through the inevitable performance dip that accompanies a change
  • Work with Human Resources and your organization's leadership to identify ways to motivate your stakeholders to adopt the change
  • Celebrate every time a stakeholder group successfully adopts the change
Let me know: Do you agree with this list?  What else would you add?