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Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Blog Feature: Introducing Polls!

Dear Readers,

I read a lot of articles on Change Management, and I talk to a lot of clients about their Change Management needs, but I've always wanted to gather more input about what people think about Change.  So, I have added a new feature to this blog: polls!

Every couple weeks I will post a new poll question.  It's to the right of this post.  Go ahead, take a look.

Found it?  Good.  Now go ahead and select an answer.

After every few questions, I will post a summary of my findings.  As with all research and surveys, the more responses, the better the data, so please share with your friends and colleagues so that we can get a good sample size for each poll.

Every time I put up a new poll, I'll post about it, so that those of you who subscribe to the blog will be automatically notified.

I look forward to seeing your thoughts about Change Management!

Kind regards,

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